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The best Windsurf holidays!The best Windsurf holidays!The best Windsurf holidays!

Corralejo Kitesurf Holidays Overview

Fuerteventura is the second largest of the Canary Islands although one of the least developed. You arrive at the airport in Puerto Rosario and head North to Corralejo (25 minutes). Generally it is a good idea to have car hire although this is not necessary. The Canaries offer excellent value for money and are easily reached, by various charter flights a week, with a short 3 hour flight.

Best Wind Surfing Season

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The spot

Fuerteventura offers a variety of conditions depending on the season and destination; from super flat shallow lagoons to full on wave sailing spots. We know this zone extremely well so please call for a custom account and advice on suitability.

Corralejo - Flag Beach

In front of Lanzarote, Corralejo was once a little fishing village, now it is a thriving holiday town. The town is on one side of the large bay with accommodations spreading round to the other. Flag Beach is about 4km from town, looking out towards Isla de Lobos. This zone has hardly developed and the windsurf centre is across the dunes right in the middle of this wide sandy beach.

The wind in Corralejo

The windiest season in Fuerteventura is in the summer when a big high pressure stays over the Atlantic and a low over the Sahara. These combine to give reliable cross-shore winds at Flag Beach. The rising tide which bring the best waves is caused by depressions in the Atlantic which are more common in Winter.

Activities in Corralejo

Fuerteventura offers a wide types for the non-windsurfer; don't forget this is a premier holiday destination for many holidaymakers. The key activities are surfing, diving, horse riding, trekking and cycling. Excursions in and around Fuerteventura are popular, especially round Lobos, mountain biking and surfing the world class breaks. You can also visit Lanzarote, which is only 45 minutes ferry ride away, travel to Lobos.

Resort Summary

Beginners 03/10
Advanced 10/10
Waves 09/10
Family Friendly 04/10
Single Friendly 10/10
Eating Out 10/10
Nightlife 10/10
Un-spolit 02/10
Culture 02/10
Luxury Hotel 04/10
Multi Activity 10/10
Spa 03/10

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