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The best Windsurf holidays!The best Windsurf holidays!

St Lucia Overview

Think stunning caribbean, chilled out vibe, awesome wind, white beaches, and crystal water, that's basically what you get with St Lucia. The beauty of the island makes it a typical honeymoon destination, whilst the beautiful clear waters, and reliable winds make it an awesome windsurf and kitesurf destination.

Many of the hotels are great for families, with pools and kids clubs. Kids will also enjoy looking out for humpback whales and turtles, as well as the ruins at Pigeon Island National Park.

For people looking for an adventurous holiday, they can hire an all-terrain vehicle and head through St Lucia's lush countryside for the ride of a lifetime!

From St Lucia, you can sail down through the Grenadines, visiting all the best kite spots with Watersports Training. The next departure is in February 2012

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Activities In St Lucia

The windsurf and kitesurf centre at the Coconut Bay Resort also organises SUP and kayak trips and downwinders for light wind days, though in the windy season, light wind days are not common.

The Coconut Bay Resort also offers endless activities for families, kids, couples, and singles. They can also range a whole host of excursions, such as full island tours, catamaran day trips, sunset cruises, whale and dolphin watching, deep sea fishing,  hiking in the Rainforst, and loads more. The kids will love trips like rainforest and volcano ziplining, horseback riding on the beach, and sailing around the island.

the windsurfing spots is St Lucia

Our windsurf centre is located at the Coconut Bay Resort, on the south side of the Island, Vieux Fort, where you will find Anse De Sables (Sandy Beach) is the main windsurfing area in St Lucia. The area is really safe for all levels, as the wind blows cross-on, and is clear of rocks.

If you have a car in St Lucia, you can travel to the north side of the island, where you will find other great windsurfing spots, such as, Cas en Bas is on the Atlantic side of the island, which benefits from the constant trade winds.  The bay is protected from an outer reef, meaning the water is always flat inside the bay, with the swell breaking upwind outside the bay.

Kids In St Lucia

St Lucia is a terrific place for kids. The 'Splash Wing' at the Coconut Bay Resort is dedicated to families, with tons of activities for the kids to get involved with. The resort also has loads of facilities for the adults, including a spa.

The conditions in St Lucia also allow kids to get involved with the watersports, especially in the mornings and early afternoons when the sea is calm, and the wind is light.

the wind in St lucia

St Lucia receives the trade winds, which blow most reliably from November until June. The average winds strength in the morning is 16 knots, which picks up throughout the day, peaking at around 25 knots.

The very strongest wind months are January, February, and March. The main sail sizes used are 5.0 and 6.5. Though anytime in the season from November to June is very reliably windy.

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