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Family Windsurf Holiday


As well as being a really fun way to spend time with your loved ones, a family windsurf holiday is also very health beneficial for everyone as the sport works the arms, legs, and stomach, giving a really good work out, ensuring everyone arrives home fitter and healthier. Kids can start from as young as 6 years of age, as long as they are supervised by a professional, and qualified instructor.

A family learn to windsurf holidays will not only teach everyone to windsurf, the new learned skills can be transferred to other sports like sailing and Kitesurfing. Windsurfing teaches wind awareness, and how to co ordinate a sail taking into account the wind direction which is very similar to traditional sailing in particular.

Windsurf lessons can be held in either group lessons, or private one to one lessons. If each family member is either new to the sport, or at a similar level a series of group lessons would be the best and most economical option. After several group lessons, people will be progressing at different speeds, and if initially a beginner, practicing solo. Further lessons can then be added further on in the holiday, to work on new things and reach the next level in windsurfing.

For kids, there are great kids camps available at some of our centers which will introduce kids to an array of watersports, along with the supervision of a professional instructor, and have the chance to meet new friends from around the world. The camps usually run for around 4 hours everyday for 6 day, but do vary from center to center. Kids Camps at watersport centers are generally for kids 6 and up due to the sports involved.

For toddlers and babies who cannot participate in the sports for obvious reasons, we work with lots of hotels which offer nanny services night & day, who will look after your child whilst you are on the water, or dining out. Nanny services are available for kids of all ages, and kids clubs vary. Usually the clubs are held for kids  to 12 years old, or for older kids and teen clubs maybe 10 - 15 years old, some hotels like Lux Le Morne in Mauritius for example, runs both separately. Whereas other hotels are happy to have younger kids at the clubs, but ask that an adult accompanies kids under 4 years old.

What we look for in a family windsurf holiday areconditions where everyone is able to either learn or progress, activities which everyone can participate in either as a family or individually, a variety of sports so that everyone can be on the water regardless of their level, and hotels with a high standards and a pool where everyone can relax.

Our top Family Windsurf Holiday destinations are:

Family Windsurfing Dahab in Egypt
Family Windsurfing Soma Bay in Egypt

Family Windsurfing Sardinia in Italy
Family Windsurfing Golf De Roses in Spain
Family Windusrfing Kos in Greece
Family Windsurfing Sotavento in Fuertaventura
Family Windsurifng Zante in Greece
Family Windsurfing Alacati in Turkey
Family Windsurfing Cyprus in Greece
Family Windsurfing The Algarve in Portugal
Family Windsurfing Le Morne in Mauritius


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